Hygiene Production

As we stated in Recall Section, the average hygiene appoint will average anywhere from $200 - $300 per visit. The clinical skills and consistency of your hygienists will directly impact the Hygiene department's production. We already addressed how having an efficient recall system can impact the practices revenue, now let's go even deeper and see how increasing the production per visit can dramatically impact the practice.

[ Enter The Number of Procedures Completed last 12 months]

On an average, we observe a healthy hygiene department to average 40% - 50 % in production that comes from periodontal related procedures; within that percentage, 40%-50% of the periodontal related services rendered are from Scaling & Root Planing [ SRP's], such as D4341, D4342, D4355, & D4346.

Based on the information you have entered; your hygiene department receives a letter grade of , for of total procedures completed are periodontally related and of that percentage is from SRP's.

Your hygienist's production per visit is , Just by increasing your production to a visit would mean an additional to per year. Can you imagine what this extra income would mean to you ? This would allow the practice to keep up with the salary requirements and benefits requested by the hygiene team and staff, purchase additional technology, along with providing patients with optimal dental care. All this, without increasing your hours or adding additional work days!