If the overall practice could increase production by 25% or more without working extra hours or days, what prevents a practice in finding solutions?

Many practices have informed us that they .....

  • Are not aware their hygiene department is underperforming
  • Are afraid of resistance from the hygienists, yet hygienists are looking for more in compensation and benefits while performing at the same level.
  • Feel their hygiene department is performing well

This quick Recall Assessment and Hygiene Department Self-Assessment will allow you not only to identify if your hygiene department is underperforming, but will also help you understand the untapped revenue that lies within your practice.

Hygiene Recall Quick Assesment

Number of Active Patients:


On average, a hygiene appoint will average anywhere from $200 - $300 per hour depending on the department's clinical skills / performance and recall efficiency. It is very reasonable for a practice to achieve 85% efficiency with recall. To identify your practice's recall efficiency please complete the section below.

% of your Patients in categories below out of 100% Patient Count Total Annual visits
3 mo recall
4 mo recall
6 mo recall
Total Recare Visits Possible

Your practice's recall department receives a letter grade of being it has a efficiency. The practice has patients that are slipping through the cracks. Just by increasing recall by just 20% would mean an additional to in annual revenue, depending on what the practice's production/ visit is.